Vintage Fashion
Saturday November 4th 2017
             The Look.
    You may prefer the simple elegant designs of the 50’s, true vintage designs from the roaring 20’s, the outrageous looks from the 60’s or the glamour of the 40’s, they all appear at Classic Yass!
    Whether you dress up as Bonnie and Clyde, Marilon Monroe, ‘The Fonz’, Sandy from Grease, or wear that wonderful old outfit that was your grandmother’s, it’s entirely up to you. Raid the wardrobe or the Opp Shops, find the look that you love and come and enjoy the fun!
    Get your photo in front of your favourite classic car, join in the fashion parade or just dress up and join in the show.
    There will be displays and sales of vintage fashion as well as the main lunchtime Fashion Parade in the CWA Hall and around the main music Stage area in Banjo Paterson Park.